Legalisation of a car with exemption


Legalisation service, with exemption request due to change of residence, of one (1) car in Portugal.


One (1) car legalization service with exemption for change of residence.

This service is indicated for people who:

  • have moved to Portugal
  • are moving to Portugal

This service is not indicated for:

  • any other type of legalization with or without exemption

The whole process can be done remotely, anywhere in the country or abroad, with the exception of the inspection, which should be done in the area where the car is located (in Portugal).
Although we do not personally perform the inspection in these cases, we make the appointment, prepare and provide all necessary instructions, including remote support during the procedure.
If the car is in the Lisbon district, we can perform the inspection (extra cost).

This service includes all necessary procedures to have your car legalized correctly and completely in Portugal.
Due to the specificity of each case, it is possible that there may be extra expenses, which are not charged or controlled by us – you will always be advised of this possibility in advance after analysis of your case.
Please check below what is included and what is not included in this service.


  • Support throughout the legalisation process
  • Previous analysis of your case
  • Advice on taxes and other related aspects
  • Verification, preparation and monitoring of the process
  • Advise on potential extraordinary expenses
  • Real time information on the progress of the process
  • Guaranteed response within 1 working day to any contact from the client
  • Service contract
  • Request for a national approval number from the IMT
  • COC request
  • Completion of the DAU
  • Delivery of the DAU at the AT
  • Completion of the DAV
  • DAV delivery at the AT
  • Filling in the model 9
  • Submission and payment of the model 9 fee at the IMT
  • Completion of the request for initial registration
  • Submission and payment of the request for initial registration of ownership
  • Application for the vehicle registration certificate (Documento Único Automóvel)
  • Request, payment and delivery of the number plates
  • All costs necessary for the completion of legalization except those indicated in the list “Does not include”
  • Delivery of all documentation
  • Support for 6 months after completion of legalisation

Does not include:

  • Cost of transport of the car from the country of origin to Portugal
  • Cost of COC
  • Cost and inspection for registration
  • Cost of any necessary intervention to verify the engine number
  • Cost of any repair or intervention required to pass the inspection for registration
  • Cost of manufacturer’s engine number declaration
  • Cost of individual approval
  • Cost of extraordinary and necessary statements for the legalization process
  • Cost of any extraordinary documents or procedures necessary for the legalization process


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